Design and arcitecture of the house

House at Stolychne highway

Object Area
1 542 м2
Family of five persons
Interior style
Art Deco

The main idea is to create an organic architecture whose main criterion is integrity and unity with nature. The themes of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, the landscape and modern requirements for living standards and comfort.


By the time of the starting works over this object, the foundation of the house was already laid and the ground floor was partially built. Our task was to analyze the previous project as soon as possible and make changes (and in fact to make a new project), without stopping the construction. The task was seen for itself not just working on the errors of the predecessors, but creating a fundamentally different level of the object on the already laid foundation. The main task was to fit the house into the environment as considerate as possible under the original design сontour of the building.


The style of architecture and interior was determined by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The image turned out to be both solid and quite light and organic. The project is full of a large number of original designs of furniture, structures and interior details. Any author's style can be said to be eclectic. But we still tried to stick to the American Art Deco style. Somewhere it is pronounced (billiard room, hall), somewhere taking into account modern trends (pool, children's rooms).

Architecture decisions

The total area of ​​the cottage is 1 542 m2. But, despite the large area, all premises are reasonably planned, and, thanks to the central location of the stairs, all traffics are quite convenient. The central compositional axis of the house is a grand spiral staircase, around the author's lightning 14.5 meters high, vertically connecting all 4 floors - all the main spaces of the house are located around it.

Central hall

House zoning

The cottage consists of 4 floors and has 2 terraces. The entire first floor is organized according to the principle of a flowing space, constituting a public area, consisting of a hall, a cinema, a fireplace room, a dining room, a kitchen with its own balcony, a study, dressing rooms, an isolated technical kitchen, bathrooms and a guest room. The main premises have access to a terrace which is located above the pool, where the owners spend most of their time in summer.

Sitting room
Dining room
Art Deco home cinema

Bearing in mind the idea of ​​an interior, the cinema room had to have all the acoustic parameters. In a “non-working” state, the cinema hall is part of the general interior of the first floor, the walls and ceiling of which are decorated with wood and stone, as on the entire floor. When watching movies or listening to music, a projector extends from a niche under the ceiling, the lights are dimmed and a heavy curtain is pulled in. All this is controlled by the AMX and Lutron smart home system. The decorative panel on the wall is a copy of a sketch for a mural in one of the hotels, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Private zones

On the second floor there are all children's rooms with their own bathrooms, a playroom, a large guest room, which can be accessed by the second staircase. On the third floor there is only the master bedroom with its own dressing room, bathroom, storage rooms and a balcony.

Cinema hall
Ground floor zone

In the ground floor there is a swimming pool with access to the terrace and garden, a sauna with a plunge pool, a men's area with billiards, a bar and a wine cellar. All these premises are united by a recreation area with a fireplace. The main technical and service premises are also located here.

Swimming pool

In the ground floor unified architectural elements of wood, stone and black glass were used. The wooden floor from the recreation area stretches through a transparent, non-profile partition to the pool, passing to the lower terrace. Customers wanted the pool water level to merge with the lawn level. This effect was achieved by visually leveling the planes of the pool and terrace, due to the uniform direction of laying the floor.

Finishing materials

For the interior we have chosen all traditional natural materials_ such as: wood, stone, the pargeting, ceramics, glass, stained glass, leather, mosaic, decorative paintings. The furniture in some bathrooms was designed from Korean. The coffered ceiling of the cinema hall and the dining room are finished with silver potal.

Guest room
Guest room


In this project, we managed to combine functionality and aesthetics. If we recall the classics, then the expression comes to mind: "Functionality means great!"

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