design of the reastaurant

Healthy cuisine restaurant Polyana

Object Area
230 м2
Interior style

In this project we experimented with eco-style, combining modern architecture and technology with country-style materials and elements such as ceramics, reeds, raw wood, bark on the ceiling.


The main task and concept of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the consumption of ecological products. For this, a store and a restaurant serve, which are united by a common thematic and stylistic orientation.


The Polyana healthy cuisine restaurant is part of the complex with the same name, which includes a wine cellar on the ground floor, an eco-food store and a restaurant. The interior of the store is made in the style of a European street market, using natural materials in a country style.

The layout of the restaurant unfolds around the stairwell. It includes a small hall connected to the store by a transparent glass door, a corridor and a main room with a bar.

We destroyed and rebuilt everything in our own way. Raised the level of floors in the household and bathrooms, some walls replaced with panoramic glazing, where we made a sofa area with a lowered ceiling, finishing it with veneer panels. It accentuated the line of sofas and at the same time brought a sense of coziness. Between the kitchen area and the small restaurant hall, a transparent decorative partition with a distributor. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the cooking process, which inspires confidence in both the chefs and the kitchen.

Ecostyle experiments

In the design, we combined natural materials with the elements of the country style that are familiar to us such as untreated wood. Thus, bundles of firewood, decorative sheaves of straw, walls sheathed with wane boards, tabletops made of rough wood, tree bark appeared in the interior space.

Design decisions

In order to avoid the monotonous division of the windows, they were supplemented with wooden blinds, and wooden beams with LED backlighting illuminating the jars with multi-colored straw, which were laid along the entire glazing at different heights. All its originally complementing the flavor.

Colours decisions

The natural light color of the wood of the countertops and the dark veneer blend perfectly with the floor tiles imitating aged wood and natural stone. The walls are mesh with fancy graphic painting, and bright green chairs and terracotta backs of sofas, and colorful straw in cans.


One of the key elements of the decor is the graphic painting in the form of trees. Here, it is found everywhere from columns and walls to transparent partitions with "floating" niches, helping to visually link the space together and highlight the conceptual solution


The implemented eco-restaurant project has linked together modern minimalist architecture, the concept of healthy eating, eco-design and country-style influences.

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