Architecture and design of the house

Guest house with terrace

Object Area
100 м2
Private person
Interior style

The most calm and simple forms of architecture, inscribed in the surrounding nature.


Since this is a minor - a guest house - on a large plot and it is located at the top of the slope, we have designed the architecture with the most calm and simple forms.


The wooden guest house is made in a modern style, but the main idea was to make it cozy, natural and harmoniously fit into the local nature


The one-storey house made of wood, glass and metal fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The maximum possible glazing fixes the connection between the external and internal space, and allows the owners to constantly feel the unity with nature.


The theme of nature is revealed in details in the interior, where we used mainly wood and natural materials. For example, a stone inside an interior with a natural ragged edge forms an actual eco-friendly image in tune with the environment.

The abundance of wood in the decoration has made our modern spaces warmer and more comfortable.


All the necessary areas are presented in the guest house and all the functions for receiving guests are provided: a sofa area with a TV, a bar counter, a kitchenette, billiards, a bedroom, a terrace and a bathroom.

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