design of the apartment

City residence

Object Area
299,5 м2
Family of four persons
Interior style
Modern Art Deco

The Customer's family prefers to live outside the city, away from the hustle and bustle, but sometimes they stay in Kiev. We were faced with the task of realizing the idea of an apartment that would serve as a city residence.


Combining and replanning of 2 apartments in order to provide the necessary set of premises and their zoning for a family of 4 people (2 adults, 2 children), leading a country lifestyle.


We defined the interior style for ourselves as modern Art Deco, combining refined functionality, respectable elegance with expensive and complex on texture natural materials, simple and clear forms, symmetry, clear geometry and graphic design of architectural elements.

Bedroom of the owners


According to our layout there are two zones: public and private areas. Public zone consists of a living room (dining room, coffee room, cinema), a kitchen, a study, an entrance hall and a guest bathroom. Private zone consists of a master bedroom with its own bathroom and dressing room, 2 children's rooms, a guest room , a children's bathroom, a utility room and a corridor connecting them, which is also used for the location of storage systems, and serves as a transit, providing access to a separate apartment for an adult son.

Planning solution
Colors of the interior

The main colors of the interior are warm soft shades of chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

Finishing materials

To emphasize the brown-beige color scheme of the interior, we widely used various materials that are contrasting in texture: wood, natural stone, leather, glass, stained glass, aluminum.

Cinema hall

The hall turned out to be very interesting from the point of view of the combination of materials, technologies and author's elements. The American walnut floor is framed by alternating beige and brown checkers made from natural stone. The door portal and the large mirror, framed by the same symmetrical ornament of stone checkers, are a logical continuation of this motive.


Ceilings play an important role in the interior style. In some rooms there are graphic grooves, in others, stained glass creates a laconic pattern that emphasizes the linearity and geometry of the design.


The master bathroom is decorated with travertine and marble, and a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror, divided by a shelf, emphasizes the scope and architecture of the space.

Master's bathroom
Master's bathroom
Children bathroom
Children bathroom


Famous world design and architecture brands such as Minotti, Giorgetti, Selva, Maxalto, Sesta, Angelo Reflex, Penta, Limburg, Vibia, Poliform, Gira, Lutron emphasize the respectability and sophistication of the apartment.

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