design of the boutique

Boutique New Agiotage

Object Area
246 м2
Fashion Gallery
Interior style

Boutiques can captivate and retain a client in an elegant, original and unexpected way with the help of an interior solution. Getting a fashion boutique is to create a memorable and recognizable space.


Our main task was to maximum use the corner location of the boutique and highlight its exterior as much as possible against the background of competitors with a more successful location. We have pushed the display case forward, thereby making the entrance bright and eye-catching.


The style of the boutique is vintage, the style of 60-70s with flowing shapes, gloss, varnish and black and white colors.


Since the boutique is multi-brand, we have divided the premises into separate zones - corners for each clothing brand. The ideal shape for such corners is a semicircle that unites the space together. The central rectangular column accentuates the entire boutique.

Interior accents

The circles on the floor are a design solution that unites the entire store with its rhythm. Mysterious circles support the concept of the boutique and the Customer's desire to "capture and conquer" their customer.


The emphasis was placed on the entrance lobby of the interior, where a highly visible area with a row of mannequins symbolizing the titles of the Fashion Gallery boutique chain, was highlighted by a fiber optic lighting system.


We added glamour to the black and white interior: gold, vintage posters. The furniture surfaces in the boutique are glossy, and only the columns with the waiting sofas are matte.


In the process of implementation, of course, there were many difficulties. But we strictly controlled so that the result corresponded to the original idea: arched walls, the degree of gloss and its combination with all surfaces and floors, the selection of light. And everything turned out as it was intended.

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