design of the boutique

Boutique Envy

Object Area
128 м2
Fashion Gallery
Interior style

Long-term architecture for ever changing fashions.


The main task at this object was to place and profitably present the first lines of the brands Valentino Roma, Christian Lacroix, Ungaro Fuchia, Givenchy in a small complex-shaped room. Fulfilling the wishes of customers, we have worked out the layout, zoning and functionality of the equipment as efficiently as possible.


The major challenge facing was to avoid replication. Part of the decor and interior turned out to the style of Dali.


Different brands of clothing are arranged in separate blocks. The difficulty of this task was that these blocks, regardless of the requirements for the amount of clothes hung out, had to be proportional to the room. This is how the idea of a central podium was born - a gallery framed by a row of openwork arches.


We experimented a lot with different materials and textures. We came up with a special texture for wall decoration, which was applied to the smooth, wavy planes of the walls (which hide the constructive protrusions of the building), revealing images associated with the works of Salvador Dali. Mirrors and niches in gold and brass finishing have been specially developed for this boutique.


We separated the further part of the room with a column with a niche, thereby creating another flatness for clothes and a cozy area. To the left of the entrance, behind the curving partition of the showcase, is the territory of the VIP fitting room, a kind of women's mini-salon with a bar, armchairs and mirrors.


For the most famous and expensive European brands such as VALENTINO ROMA, CHRISTIAN LACROIX, GIVENCHY, we have created special zones. Even images of these zones we sent to Italy, to fashion houses, so that famous designers could see how their collection would look.

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